Suncheon National Garden and Flower Festival

It was a first time to drop by Suncheon National Garden at the right time.
Even though I had stopped by Suncheon National Garden several times, it was always wintering when I dropped by. Strangely enough, I couldn’t see the best appearance of the Garden with luck.

As entering into the garden, there was a girl sitting on the structure looking like a donut. A little girl looked so happy in the garden with her parents.
For me, she was more beautiful than everything in this garden.


There were two hills behind the girl. The artificial hills were made after the islands in Suncheon Bay.


And by the lake, people were taking photos with the flowers.
When I dropped by the garden, it was the last day of the flower festival in National Garden.


Wave Looking Bridge to the Island and the Structures

As walking along the lake, there was a bridge crossing over the lake to the island. It looked so impressive. The bridge seemed imitation of the sea wave. The bottom of the bridge was a blue color, and the bridge seemed to be designed after the shape of the wave. The guard rail of the bridge was also not straight.


It looked like I was walking over the water. It was a great idea.

On the top of the artificial island, I could look down the national garden.


And I could see the white wave looking structures by the ether side of the lake. My colleagues didn’t notice the structures were the symbol of the wave. As I told them, they were very pleased to those symbols and metaphors of the wave.


Thailand Garden in the National Garden of Suncheon

Suncheon National Garden has consisted of those of various countries.
The first country was Thailand.
The space for the garden was not so large due to the budget when they began to build the garden.

So they seemed to decide to show the symbol for the countries.

The first thing for Thailand was a wooden house. I’ve never been to Thailand. It was not bad to feel the atmosphere of Thailand for people like me.


There were roses near the house. I don’t know whether roses are famous in Thailand or not. Maybe, it was a season of roses in Korea, so I could see many roses in the garden. I heard I could see the flowers at any time except the Winter season.


Japanese Garden 

As passing through Thailand Garden, there was a Japanese Garden.
The Japanese garden in Suncheon seemed to be designed by a Japanese local area having friendship with Suncheon city.

The most impressive point in the Japanese garden there was a portal gate.
Not like the house of Thailand, the portal gate in front the Japanese Garden looked like the real one. It made me think I am in Japan.


Except for the gate of the garden, it was so similar to the Korean garden.
I heard several times from my foreign friends that everything between Korea and Japan were so close to each other, so they were difficult to differentiate them at first.


For me, I am feeling very close emotions from Japan.
It was strange Korean and Japan had complicated historical experience, even though they had so similar cultural background in foreigner’s eye.

Someone told me it was a curse of history.
We need to overcome those bad legacy of our ancestors.

Rose Garden in the Center 

The meaning of the name ‘Suncheon’ is following the will of heaven.
In oriental society, heaven was a metaphor of ordinary people.
So following the will of heaven means the politicians have to hear the voice of his people.
I don’t know how this city could get that name. But anyway, I adore the name of the city, “Suncheon”.

There was a rose garden in the center of the garden. In my opinion, the reason why they decided May flower festival, I photographed these photos in May, was May was the season for the Roses.

The rose was said as the Queen of the flowers.

It was British garden where the roses were blooming.
It was not a large place, but I could smell British atmosphere.


Roses were beautiful as below.


Flowers by the Road

While walking along the road in the National garden of Suncheon, I noticed the flowers by the road.

People usually interested in the flowers of the garden, but the flowers by the road were not the object catching people’s eye.

My colleagues were amazing to the roses and other flowers. As I mentioned in the previous post, the roses were in their best when we dropped by the garden.

I was looking around my surroundings, there, I found out the flowers waiting for our concern. I photographed them.


When taking photos, my friends came to me and suggested to go to another place. I said goodbye to the flowers by the road.

What I met on the road was not a flower, it was a leaves.


Lots of Kinds of Roses 

I didn’t know there were such many kinds of Roses until I dropped by the rose garden in the National Garden.
The rose garden seemed to be located in the center of the national garden.


The garden was divided into several sectors along with the geometrical figures. The roses were planted along with the those geometrical shape of places.

At first, I didn’t notice the roses were different from each other, but as getting closer, each rose was different. All I knew about roses was only about colors. The flower petals were completely different from ordinary roses.
The density of the petal was high to the that of ordinary roses as below.


Each rose has its specific meaning according to the explanation.
But it was difficult for me to find out the differences except for the colors.

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