Several Kinds of Statues in Myeongbujeon Hall of Taebongsa Temple

The hall was full of the statues but Jijang Bodhisattva and the warriors.

Usually, Meongbujeon was consist of the figures relating to Jijang and 10 judging kings in the hell.

Below are the kings judging the sin of the dead.


Except for the kings, there were small figures in the shape of children. Why children figures in Myeongbujeon Hall? In my view, there must’ve been an intention of this disposition. But unfortunately, I have no idea about that.


One thing different from other cases in this hall was the arrangement of Buddha statues on the wall. More than a hundred Buddha statue was arranged on the wall of Myeongbujeon hall.

It seemed the first case for me to see that Buddha statues were displayed on the wall like this.


It was dark in the hall when I photographed. So the focus was not so clear.

I should’ve carried the tripod. After photographing this hall, I left Taebongsa temple

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