Ruined Temple Place of Jeseoksa Temple in Iksan City

My favorite place is the ruined temple as I had posted several times before. I could feel solitude and loneliness in the ruined temple place once it would’ve been crowed by many people.

Without exception, I couldn’t see many people in those ruined place. Where I dropped by in this tour was Jeseoksa ruined temple. It was my first visit. Even though I had heard several times about this place, I didn’t have any chance to get there until this visit.

Jeseoksa was located in the center of a small village, and it was a boundary area between the residential area and cultivating area.

There was nothing left on the ground what I could see was an empty place which was well decorated with the pines.


As getting closer, I could see several stones. It seemed the cornerstones of the architecture. This place must be a wooden pagoda, in my guess. The stone of the center made me estimate like that.


The cornerstones were as same as those of the Mireuksa temple place. It made me guess that Jeseoksa temple had been made in Baekje kingdom period as Mireuksa temple


In the other place, there were stone materials displayed.


I could find out some interesting shape of the stone materials among them. I could not find out the functions and the roles of those materials. It was beyond my ability.


I could enjoy solitude and loneliness there for a long time. It was a nice moment when I could focus on myself.

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