Last Day in my Tour, Ansimsa Temple

Ansimsa temple was my objection of my last day in this tour. I had been stopped by this temple several years ago when one of my friend had built the house in this area. After the retirement, he began to learn how to build the traditional korean architecture. Building the traditional Korean Architecture was one of his wish list.

It was an autumn when I stopped by him. We walked together from his working place to the temple slowly. It was a really nice time for me. We met together at high school. More than forty years, we’ve met from time to time. He was a person who talked too much. It was a very good to be with him.

The temple was located in high place of mountain Dae Dun San. I walked along the road to the temple alone.

When I arrived at the temple finally, only a nun was working on the ground.

The main building was colored with Dan Cheong, the colorful colors. I took some photos of the temple.

Whenever I look around, I find out something special what I did not notice before. It make me stop by the same place several times.

In this post I’d like to show you some views of the building and the view.


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