Inside of Myeongbujeon Hall in Taebongsa Temple, Iksan City

One of impressive thing in Taebongsa temple was the inside of Myeongbujeon hall. As I explained in the previous posting on the meaning of Myeonbujeon Hall in Korean Buddhism, Myeongbujeon is the place for prying for the deads. People are praying for their parents and relatives for the salvation of their ancestors here.

Jijang is placed in the center of the hall and other 10 Kings judging the sins of the deads are placed at either side of Jijang.

Function and role of Jijang and 10 Kings are quite opposite.

Jijang is a bodhisattva of the salvation for the dead soul, but 10 kings are for the punishment of the sin what the dead committed while they were alive.


In Buddhism, the hand gesture has its own specific meaning. It was the first time for me to see left and right hand were laid in same position of the height.

There were so many sculptures in this hall.


Myeonbujeon, in my guess, well express the relationship between Korean traditional sentiment and Buddhism. I mean, the feelings and the thoughts for the dead in Buddism did an important role for Korean folks to accept Buddhism.

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