A Reservoir and Lotus Flowers in Iksan City

After looking around the temple of Seok Bul Sa, I was driving to the next place. I was tired at that time, I needed to move as soon as possible.

On the way to the next temple, I found out the reservoir filled with lotus flowers. It was an unexpected place for me to look at lotus flowers there. I got off the car and decided to take a rest for a while by the reservoir.

Lotus flowers always give me insight into my way of thinking. There must be the same reason why Buddhism choose lotus flower as the symbol of the truth.

It was a nice day, not so hot due to the lower clouds in the midst of hot summer weather.


I took several shots, but unfortunately, there were not so many photos to introduce you. Flowers were way far away from my camera. I could take only one close shot for the flower below.


Anyway, I wish you enjoy this lotus flower and find the way of your life.

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